How To Learn Hangul Without A Chart

I know plenty of korean alphabet charts and other learning resources for this already exist. But if you’re like I was and are already watching a heap of kdramas or other korean tv programs but can’t yet read Hangul but want to- here’s a different, though slightly unconventional way to learning it, all while doing something you already currently enjoy!

I learnt the 24 korean letters this way myself, in just under a week. Though one thing i did , was that i made myself this rule where i didn’t give myself any resources at all; no guides, no charts. And I only used google translate if i was in desperate need of a specific word. This is how slightly more complicated words i encountered like “끓” in 끓다(ggeulhda) and “찮” in 괜찮아(gwaenchanha) really threw me off. 괜찮아 especially because i could never really hear the h being pronounced when spoken, i got so frustrated and nearly gave up on Korean then.

All in all, it took me 3 months to read Korean comfortably, and at a reasonable pace too. 3 months probably doesn’t sound as appealing as “Learn to read Korean in 10 minutes”, but you might do wayyy better with this than i did. And also, unlike a chart that you have to constantly keep referring back to, in building links between the things you enjoy and something you want to learn, once you learn recognise it, the character will stay in your head for quite awhile. I genuinely suggest you try this out! It’s extremely fun and way less methodical. We all know the kdrama obsession lasts way longer than 3 months, so what is there to lose!

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